Brands Hatch GP Race Report 2018

38 riders on track Free Practice 1 Free Practice 2 Qualifying Race 1 Race 2 Warm Up Race 3
Position 13th 14th 15th 9th 8th 17th DNF
Lap Time 1.29.6 1.29.0 1.28.9 1.28.9 1.29.1 1.30.1 1.28.9
Gap from Pole 1.9s 1.7s 1.9s 20s 21s 1.8s DNF

Brands Hatch was round five for the Selective Networks BMW team within the British Superstock 1000 championship.

FP1 was the first time out on track on Friday, we used 2nd hand tyres throughout the session to get a feel for the track and bike, ending the session in 13th place 1.9s seconds from pole.

FP2 started and we again used 2nd hand tyres to try and improve the setup of the bike with consistency from the tyres, having issues with the front end of the bike we improved the lap time but not by as much as we would of liked.

We looked on the data from the BMW overnight on Friday to try and improve the front end issues we were having, we had a plan for qualifying and hoping this would gain the confidence required to move forward, unfortunately we didn’t have the feeling required to push on for a better lap time and ended in 15th position, not a bad starting position if we could get a good start, I had been working on my start over the weekend.

Race 1 and 2 was the 100-mile race, this meant 2 50 mile races back to back with a 10-minute break in between to refuel and change tyres, due to lack of funds we only changed the rear tyre not the front. The race as very good finishing with an 8th and 9th positions!

After starting the bike up to be collected from parc-ferme it was apparent that there was a rattle and the engine would need changing for the spare. After hours of work the tram had the engine changed and ready for morning warm up the next day.

Morning warm went faultlessly, a testament to the teams effort the night before! During the main feature race on Sunday, it looked like we have fixed most of the front end issues with the bike with me making a overtake into turn 1 on 2 out of the 3 laps racing laps completed. The safety car then came out and bunched the pack back together, on lap 5 the safety car went back into the pitlane, as this happened my bike makes a huge rattle and cut out, the engine had failed.

Same as another top 10 was on the card which would have been an excellent weekend for the team. The next round of the British super stock championship is a Thruxton, a track we struggled at last year so hoping to make amends this year!

During the short break we will be trying to repair engine and source spare parts or a new engine. Any funds that could help go towards this would be gratefully received!
We would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters for getting us onto the grid this season! Without them we would be there at all!

Please take a minute to look at their website’s, support the people who support our sport!

Please take a minute to look at their website’s, support the people who support our sport!